Sign a scale to ‘shoal’ support for saving our seas

Posted on 27th July 2011

To mark the start of National Marine Week (Sat 30 Jul – Sun 14 Aug), The Wildlife Trusts are launching the ‘Petition Fish’ campaign in a bid to demonstrate public support for Marine Protected Areas.

Next year should see the UK’s first network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). To meet international obligations the Government must designate and establish an ecologically coherent network of MPAs around the UK by the end of 2012.

It is vital that we have enough of these areas, they are large enough and well protected. So, from 30 July, The Wildlife Trusts will be urging everyone to sign a scale online or text ‘FISH’ with your name and postcode to 60777.

As an island nation, we have a strong connection to the sea and the variety of life it sustains. Scientists have recently confirmed that our seas are under increasing stress from human impacts such as fishing, pollution and climate change. Experience from around the world shows that Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), where damaging activities are restricted, can help fragile marine ecosystems and wildlife to recover – and with this fish stocks.

Joan Edwards, The Wildlife Trusts’ head of Living Seas, said: “We have one year to create a strong network of protected areas for marine wildlife in the UK. One year to demonstrate the importance of healthy, well-protected seas – which can continue to support the demands we place on them for food, resources and climate regulation. Starting this National Marine Week, we want everyone to celebrate our seas, understand more about the threats facing native marine life, and get involved in protecting it.”

Be Creative with Nature at some free workshops

Posted on 19th July 2011

Come and have a go at art, with nature as your inspiration, drawing, painting, water colour, ink wash and print making with support from Adrian Moule (Artist) and Sarah Nicholson (Designer).

All ages welcome – under 16’s must be accompanied by adult

23rd-31st July at “We are open” shop 148 Linthorpe Rd, Middlesbrough.

26th-28th at Portrack Marsh next to Tees Barrage Stockton

10am – 4pm

40 wetlands worth ‘dragon’ yourself to this summer

Posted on 14th July 2011

Forget fire-breathing and maiden-like varieties, the most exciting dragons and damsels are on the wing now at nature reserves throughout the UK. And with the help of The Wildlife Trusts’ new online guide 40 places to see dragonflies and damselflies it’s easier than ever to find them.
There are 17 species of damselfly and 23 resident species of dragonfly in the UK.  Both as larvae and as adults they live up to the dragon name, being voracious predators.   They spend just a fortnight or so in their full adult glory, whizzing above wetlands in pursuit of their prey, before their life cycle comes to an end.
The Wildlife Trusts work around the UK to improve habitat for all wildlife, including dragonflies, on their 2,300 nature reserves. Paul Wilkinson, Head of Living Landscape for The Wildlife Trusts, said:

Tees Valley Biodiversity Partnership Newsletter

Posted on 6th July 2011

For more information on how to download the the latest Tees Valley Biodiversity Partnership Newsletter click on the header above.
As well as the usual updates of local, regional and national news, there are extended updates on the Natural Environment White Paper and the TVBPs plans to apply to be a Local Nature Partnership for the Tees Valley.