Heritage Open Days 8th – 11th September

Posted on 18th August 2011

Loftus Town Hall is opening its doors to the public once again for Heritage Open Days 8th – 11th September. Loftus Town Council is hosting the Alum, the magic mineral exhibition run by the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust. The exhibition is open from 10.30 until 4.30pm everyday This successful exhibition has been touring round telling the story of the Alum Industry from its roots in Alchemy in Ancient China through to the industry being set up in Cleveland and finally closing down in the 1870s. It was created as part of the Alum, Alchemy and Ammonites project supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The Alum, Alchemy and Ammonites project has been working hard over the last 2 years to raise the profile of the alum industry in East Cleveland and tell the story of a Local Hero – Louis Hunton. Louis was born in Loftus and his family worked in the Loftus Alum works – he went on to make a very important contribution to the study of Geology across the world.

If you want to find out more about Louis, or the alum industry, learn how alum is linked to Harry Potter or why Thomas Chaloner, from Gisborough Hall, was cursed, then why not drop in and take a peek inside this wonderful building. There will be activities for children as well as a chance to learn more about the history of this significant building.

For more details then please contact Beth Andrews on 01287 636382 or email: beth.geo@gmail.com