North Sea Video

Posted on 22nd August 2011

The Wildlife Trust’s North Sea Project, in conjunction with Yorkshire Diver Andy Jackson, has produced a short film to illustrate the beautiful and sometimes bizarre marine wildlife that lives in the North Sea.

The film produced for The North Sea Wildlife Trusts, available at shatters the myth that the North Sea is both grey and lifeless. All species featured can be found right here in our cool Northern waters. Alongside footage of rich habitats such as kelp forests and rocky reefs, the film introduces us to some of the weird and wonderful animals that live beneath the waves. Molluscs include filter feeding mussels and scavenging whelks, while footage of crustaceans shows not only the familiar Edible Crab and Common Lobster, but also the delicate and easily overlooked spider crab. Anemones, starfish, seaweeds and brightly coloured fish also make an appearance, alongside the charismatic Grey Seal, with all footage shot on location here in the North Sea.

The video aims to provide an education about how rich the North Sea is for marine wildlife, and gather support for The Wildlife Trust’s Petition Fish Campaign, a campaign aiming to gather public support to ensure our UK marine wildlife gains protection through the creation of a network of nature reserves under the UKs seas.

Andy Jackson comments:
“I have thoroughly enjoyed capturing the footage of these remarkable creatures. At times the path to getting rewarding results has been a winding one though, with the Lumpsucker footage being a prime example. After several years trying to film one I managed to get perfect conditions at Flamborough Head, with still, clear water. Within minutes of entering the water I had a beautiful specimen in front of the camera fanning its eggs. Unfortunately the battery in my camera completely failed before I could even capture a second! I had to wait until April 2011 before the conditions came right again and I encountered another off Gristhorpe, he’s a handsome pink specimen though and well worth the wait!”

“I urge everyone to support the Wildlife Trusts and get involved and sign a scale; these creatures need our protection before it is too late.”

Kirsten Smith, The Wildlife Trusts North Sea Living Seas Manager say:
“It’s fantastic to be able to show people what’s out there under the waves and to inspire people to take action to protect marine wildlife. Andy’s video shows a wonderful selection of North Sea wildlife from the small shorecrab commonly found in rockpools to deep rocky overhangs covered in corals and anemones”

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