Volunteers needed for meadow restoration

Posted on 7th September 2011

An ambitious project to restore wild flowers to Middlesbrough’s meadows has been unveiled.
The project is being run by the Boro Becks team and members of the public are needed to help make the project a success.
During September and October the meadows along four of Middlesbrough’s becks will be cut.
Cutting and removing hay helps keep grass under control and allows wild flowers to flourish.
On some of the becks in Middlesbrough this management hasn’t happened and so urgent action is needed.
The Boro Becks team has arranged for the hay to be cut but the team are in need of volunteers to help rake it up to remove from site.
Barry Jobson, Boro Becks Ranger, said: “Back when Middlesbrough was mostly farmland, the fields would have been meadows full of wild flowers, but sadly very few of these meadows remain.
“As well as looking beautiful, these wild flowers provide abundant nectar for bees and butterflies which have been declining in recent years, so we need to keep our meadows managed to help these pollinators survive.
“Once the hay is removed the volunteer rangers will also be sowing extra seed in meadows that are lacking in wild flowers, which ensure a wonderful display of colour and nectar-rich flowers in future years.
“Volunteering with Boro Becks is ideal for those wanting to keep themselves active, and is a great way to get out in the sunshine and see the wildlife Middlesbrough’s becks have to offer”.

Please see events calender for dates and times of meadow cuts.

To volunteer please ring the Boro Becks Team on 01642 515618 or email borobecks@middlesbrough.gov.uk
Food and hot drinks will be provided. Please bring suitable clothing for the task and weather conditions.