Growing Fruit and Vegetables in School

Posted on 2nd February 2012

Date 30/3/12
Margrove Heritage Centre and visit to local school

To enable teachers with little experience of fruit or vegetable growing to work with their children in setting up a successful food-growing area.
The course will look at setting up your own food-growing area and explain how to grow vegetables and fruit, supported by practical exercises and links to the curriculum

Learning Objectives
By the end of the day, teachers will:
1. Understand the personal and educational benefits to be gained from growing fruit and vegetables in school
2. Be familiar with the basics of growing a range of (a) vegetables and (b) fruit suitable for school gardens
3. Have the confidence to work with their children to plan, develop and maintain a food-growing area appropriate to their school
4. See the potential for delivering a wide range of curriculum topics through activities related to the food-growing area

Key Stages targeted: 1 – 3 (However all growing advice is relevant to all key stages).
Curriculum links National Curriculum links (
Art & Design
Other curriculum areas will be discussed
Cost – £100
A Booking form can be downloaded for the link below