Woodland Restoration Project – creating a better woodland for wildlife and visitors

Posted on 15th April 2014

Over the winter of 2014/15 Stockton Borough Council, working in partnership with the Forestry Commission, will start to restore a large area of Wynyard Woodland Park from conifer woodland back to deciduous woodland. Over time this will provide richer habitats for wildlife and make the woodland an even more enjoyable place to visit.

The project will see the removal of coniferous trees such as pine, spruce and fir from sections of Tilery and Brierley Woods.  These trees were planted here in the 1960s, on the site of much older deciduous woodland. By removing those conifers we will allow trees such as oak, ash, elm and birch to grow up in their place. Over several years the project will re-establish the kind of native woodland that would have existed here hundreds of years ago, with a much more diverse mix of trees, shrubs, flowers and animal life compared to what we see today.

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