Squirrel adventures bring curious young minds closer to nature

Posted on 24th November 2015

New series of Pip the Squirrel offers a fun introduction to UK wildlife

The new adventures of a curious red squirrel offer a fun and fact-filled introduction to the natural world for young and curious minds.

Parents and children can learn about and explore the lives of some of the UK’s most charismatic animal species, through a new DVD series and accompanying book, Pip’s Animal Time. Pip introduces viewers and readers to her neighbours, including foxes, hedgehogs, deer, rabbits, otters, badgers and seals through a combination of animation and real-life footage.

With help from her new friend, Pipsqueak, Pip the red squirrel shares facts about the creatures’ habits through familiar themes of playtime, bathtime, bedtime and more. Younger children will love looking at the colourful photographs and be charmed by the charismatic narration from the cheeky and adventurous Pip and Pipsqueak.

Emma Oldham, senior communications officer for The Wildlife Trusts, said: “Pip’s adventurous spirit ensures plenty of fun, questions, games and song. The DVD and book allow children to immerse themselves in fascinating facts and inspirational imagery, learning about the behaviour of some of our native wildlife along the way. We hope Pip’s antics will help to stimulate young minds and encourage many to enjoy their own wildlife adventures in the future.”

‘Pip’s Animal Time’, aimed at children aged between two and six years old, is the second in a series of the popular Pip the squirrel animated programmes. The imagery was filmed and photographed at the British Wildlife Centre, whose founder is the brainchild behind Pip the Squirrel. David Mills created the animated series of programmes about the natural world and UK wildlife, featuring Pip and friends, with the aim of helping young children connect with nature.

Wildlife Watch, the junior branch of The Wildlife Trusts and the UK’s leading environmental action club for kids, has teamed up with Pip the Squirrel and friends. By sharing facts in this very accessible way, Pip the squirrel hopes to encourage support for The Wildlife Trusts in their drive to inspire more children about UK wildlife and get more families to engage more closely with nature.
Pip will feature in the Winter 2016 issue of Wildlife Watch magazine and now has a regular slot, called Pip’s Corner, in the Wildlife Watch monthly e-newsletter. For more information about Pip the squirrel and friends and Wildlife Watch, including downloadable activity sheets, games, crosswords and species fact files, visit wildlifewatch.org.uk