Over a thousand pounds worth of damage done to wildlife charities vehicles

Posted on 19th October 2016

Tees Valley Wildlife Trust have this week had to disappoint some of their volunteers and postpone some of the vital conservation work after thieves broke into the compound they store their vehicles in at Margrove Park.  Not only did they smash windows and mirrors, the thieves stole wheels of the vans leaving one of the vehicles on bricks and a chainsaw was also stolen.  Staff have had to reschedule their work, cancel volunteer activities and postpone activity with groups of young people.

Steve Ashton the Trust’s People and Wildlife manager said ”As a charity the Trust has to raise all its own funds to cover the costs of what we do, although we are insured,  I am sure that the price of our policy will go up next year and we will need to find that money from somewhere. It’s also the inconvenience of getting new windows and mirrors and finding the correct wheels for the van  and having to reschedule our work and let people down.

If anyone knows anything about the incident please contact Cleveland police or contact us at the Trust on 01287636382.      picture-182