Batty about volunteering ….

Posted on 4th April 2016

As a child I was terrified to be outside at dusk when the bats near our house used to swoop and seemingly dive towards me…particularly as my mother had informed me that bats always got tangled in long loose hair. Suffice to say, plaits became my hairstyle of choice!

So fast forward about 60 years and share my amazement that as a retiree and recovering from a stroke, I should find myself waxing lyrical about being part of the National Bat

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A batty time with the Wildlife Trust

Posted on 1st April 2016

As part of my degree, I was required to undertake a week long placement (Newcastle University Research and Employability Skills Module) which I chose to carry out with Tees Valley Wildlife Trust. Being a huge fan of nature and wildlife, I was delighted to be part of the important work that the Trust is involved with.

Although I am a student of Marine Science, I chose to work with Sarah on her bat project as bats echolocate in the same way

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Vine House Farm Shortlisted for Charity Partnership – Small Businesses Award

Posted on 30th March 2016

Family-run Vine House Farm are proud to reveal they have been shortlisted for the ‘Charity Partnership – Small Business Award’ at the 2016 Business Charity Awards. The nomination comes after the Lincolnshire based farm announced they had reached the £1 million mark in donations to The Wildlife Trusts.

Tree Sparrows like red millet



“We are delighted to have been shortlisted for the Small Business Charity Award at the prestigious Business Charity Awards” said Lucy Taylor of Vine House Farm. “It is

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Newcastle Marine Student Placements

Posted on 22nd March 2016

Students from the  Newcastle University’s School of Marine Science and Technology choose to undertake a Career Development module including work-related placements for academic credit that counts towards their Final Honours Degree. Students work alongside regular staff at their placement, working to achieve the goals of the organisation hosting the placement and continually reflecting on and trying to improve placement task they are to complete.

Tees Valley Wildlife Trust have been a provider for the above placement for the past 2 years

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The Landfill Communities Fund is safe….for now

Posted on 18th March 2016

Some good news for wildlife and local communities in this week’s Budget. Thanks to work by The Wildlife Trusts and its supporters, the Landfill Communities Fund is safe… for now.

The Landfill Communities Fund is made possible through a tax on landfill operators. Earlier Government proposals to alter some of the administration arrangements for the scheme would have all but closed it down, removing a vital source of funds for wildlife and local community projects (£39m in 2016-17 to

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An update from Nicholas Watts on issues affecting wild birds and Vine House Farm

Posted on 17th March 2016


I am hearing, or seeing, signs of spring now everyday. I think it is so wonderful that it all happens like it does. Does your life alter now that spring is appearing? We notice it is happening but do we do anything different? The food we eat doesn’t change, the supermarkets have seen to that. We used to look forward to new potatoes and the first strawberries but no longer, everything is available every day of the year. Here on

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Youth projects inspire environmental change

Posted on 17th March 2016

Middlesbrough young people step up and create what is rightfully theirs: a healthy planet, a thriving economy and a brighter future

Three months on from the Paris climate change agreement, the Big Lottery Fund is investing £33 million in more than 30 organisations to inspire and develop the next generation of environmental leaders. Middlesbrough Environment City is receiving £917,000.

Our Bright Future aims to tackle three big challenges facing society today – a lack of social cohesion, a lack of opportunities for

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Graduate Internship experience with Tees Valley Wildlife Trust

Posted on 29th February 2016

In late November 2015 I received an email I had been eagerly awaiting. Confirmation that I had secured a 12 week graduate internship with Tees Valley Wildlife Trust, supported by Teesside University.
I had a starting date, some phone numbers to contact and a few emails to send, and then I had to wait for January to come along. Truth be told other than a basic outline of the roles, I was clueless as to what work the internship would entail.

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Second wave of marine protection welcomed by The Wildlife Trusts

Posted on 18th January 2016

23 new Marine Conservation Zones announced by the Government today

Today The Wildlife Trusts welcome the news that this Government is designating a second phase of 23 new Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs). This historic move illustrates a renewed impetus to protect the seas around our shores. It follows on from the announcement of 27 MCZs in 2013 and is the second of three phases promised by the Government in order to fulfil the remit of the Marine and Coastal Access Act.


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48 cross-sector organisations unite to call for a UK Charter for Trees, Woods and People

Posted on 15th January 2016

The Woodland Trust is leading 47* organisations in a campaign to celebrate the value of our trees and woods and secure their future by creating a new Charter for Trees, Woods and People.
The new charter will be launched in November 2017, which marks 800 years since Henry lll signed the original Charter of the Forest. This influential charter protected and restored the rights of people to access and use the Royal Forests.

Today, our nation’s woods and trees are facing unprecedented

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