Unique moment to save our seas

Posted on 30th October 2017

New report urges Government to tackle five challenges simultaneously

dahlia anemone and spider crab Thurlestone South Devon Dan Bolt


Today, The Wildlife Trusts publish a new report that identifies five unprecedented challenges for our seas which must be addressed before the UK leaves the European Union. The Government must ensure there is a clear vision for our marine environment. Its first responsibility is to ensure that we bring across existing European regulations which provide protective measures for our

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A radical plan for wildlife?

Posted on 6th October 2017

The Government’s advisors have proposed a radical plan for wildlife. Here Stephen Trotter of The Wildlife Trusts calls for greater attention to spatial planning, and proper legislation to make it happen…

The Natural Capital Committee (NCC) has published its views on what the Government’s 25 year environment plan should contain a few days ago. You can read it here.

The NCC makes clear that the scale of the task is huge if we are to leave the natural environment in a better state

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New report links volunteering in nature with better mental health

Posted on 2nd October 2017

Study shows positive impact on two-thirds of participants 
Today The Wildlife Trusts publish a new report which examines the effects of volunteering in nature on people’s mental health. The study was carried out by the University of Essex and found:

95% of participants who were identified as having poor levels of mental health at the start, reported an improvement in 6 weeks, which increased further over 12 weeks
The mental wellbeing of more than two-thirds (69%) of all participants had improved after just

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