How to work from home – and stay connected to nature

Posted on 31st March 2020

working from home, it can be really easy to stay in front of a screen all day
and never venture outdoors. We’ve got some easy ways to help you to connect
with nature, even in the middle of a busy day! Whether you’ve got five minutes
or an hour, there’s plenty of ways you can make your day a little bit more

Getting ready for your day

Set up your workstation so you’re close to a window – this way, you’ll have a front row

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Wildlife Trusts and Reintroductions

Posted on 23rd March 2020

Catherine McNicol reveals some of the work that Wildlife Trusts are doing to
bring species back from the brink.

Restoring ecosystems

Complex ecosystems are healthy ecosystems. As
we lose species from plant and animal communities, we lose important processes
and therefore resilience. These simplified ecosystems become less able to endure
extreme events, such as droughts and flooding, less resilient to disease
outbreaks and less tolerant to invasive species arrival.

Often, we work to reintroduce ‘keystone’
species, those which play an important role to a number of other organisms.

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