Deciphering the dawn chorus

Posted on 29th April 2020

Credit: Tom Hibbert

Wildlife expert Nick Acheson introduces some of our feathered superstars to listen out for this spring

When we look at wildlife, anthropomorphising is commonly
discouraged. ‘If you project human feelings onto animals,’ we’re told, ‘you
won’t observe what is really going on.’ But if, like me, you see personalities
in wild animals all around you, I have good news for you: when it comes to
learning birdsong, anthropomorphism is absolutely the way forward. For learning
birdsong is not a matter of factual

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Posted on 14th April 2020

Insects are everywhere, often overlooked, but playing vital roles in almost every ecosystem. Meet some of the miniature miracle-workers that help keep our world running. Tom Hibbert explains:


When you think about the benefits of having
insects around, pollination is probably the first thing that springs to mind.
There’s a good reason for this, since 87% of all plant species require animal
pollination and most of this is delivered by insects. In fact, around
three-quarters of all crop types grown by humans need to be

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Campaigner Craig Bennett joins The Wildlife Trusts at a critical time

Posted on 7th April 2020

New leader joins UK’s much-loved force for nature as charities wrestle with pandemic fallout

Craig Bennett becomes new CEO of The Wildlife Trusts on Monday
6th April. He arrives at a time when people seek solace in nature from
the coronavirus – but, like so many other charities and businesses, The
Wildlife Trusts are struggling with the severe implications of the
pandemic on funding, resources, and necessary absence of the 38,000
volunteers that usually help care for thousands of precious wild places

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