Dare to be wild! New review says get long-lasting feel-good factor from 30 Days Wild

Posted on 21st May 2020

The Wildlife Trusts and University of Derby evaluate the benefits of daily nature contact with 1,000 people over five years

feel-good factor from simple daily contact with nature can last for months, once
initiated, according to a new review from The Wildlife Trusts. The review is
based on surveys completed by people taking part in 30 Days Wild – the
UK’s biggest nature challenge which is run by The Wildlife Trusts and inspires
daily acts of nature engagement every day during June.

on three peer-reviewed papers,

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Beavers Build Back Better – but their future is not secure

Posted on 15th May 2020

The Wildlife Trusts have pioneered the
reintroduction of beavers to Britain ever since Kent Wildlife Trust released
these industrious creatures into a fenced area of fenland in 2001. Then
followed the Scottish Beaver Trial, which saw the first ever reintroduction of
a native extinct mammal to the British Isles since they were hunted to
extinction over 400 years ago. Later, in 2015, the River Otter Beaver Trial,
based in East Devon and led by Devon Wildlife Trust, enabled beavers to roam
wild again in England.

Beaver female

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A Resilient Economy, Healthy Communities and the Natural World

Posted on 13th May 2020

Dear Prime Minister,

Re: A Resilient Economy, Healthy Communities and the Natural World

It is now clearer than ever before that the health of humanity is
inextricably bound to the health of our planet. Your government has the
opportunity to show global leadership, forging a path out of this crisis
by putting a resilient economy, healthy communities, and a thriving
natural world at the heart of the relief and recovery effort. We call on
you to:

Create A More Resilient Economy – Invest

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