The Wildlife Trusts celebrates 10-year partnership with Vine House Farm

Posted on 15th August 2017

Wildlife partnership flying high.

Vine House Farm, the home of pioneering wildlife-friendly farmer Nicolas Watts and his family, grows 400 acres of bird seed, including 100 acres of sunflowers, and is a haven for a host of wildlife.

This month The Wildlife Trusts are celebrating a flourishing 10-year partnership with Vine House Farm, working together for wildlife.  By donating up to 5% of its sales to The Wildlife Trusts, Vine House Farm has raised over £1,250,000 to support wildlife conservation across the country,

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Young Roots – Harrington’s Pond

Posted on 11th August 2017

So where exactly is Harrington’s Pond – a question we have been asked a lot quite recently, even people in Billingham didn’t know where it was! This small pond is situated behind Billingham Town Football Club and Tees Valley Wildlife Trust, Billingham Youth Council and a number of other groups have been giving it a bit of a makeover courtesy of a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund Young Roots programme.


The pond has an interesting history; originally, there were

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How to bee-friendly this summer!

Posted on 31st July 2017

Bee lovers prepared to let the grass grow for the cause

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and The Wildlife Trusts’ Bee Creative in the Garden! campaign is in full swing this summer and has had a fantastic response by gardeners who are creating havens for wild bees across the UK. New polls reveal how people would most like to help wild bees – planting foxgloves and letting your lawn grow long were the stand-out favourites. We asked*:

Which of these bee-friendly plants

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Let the public decide

Posted on 15th June 2017

Friday 9th June 2017

‘Greedy Bird’ winning image in the 2016 Young Person’s Category, photo Hannah Bishop

Just when everybody thought the word ‘vote had been put back in its ballot box for the next four years, organisers of the 2017 North East Wildlife Photography Competition are calling on members of the public to vote in the People’s Choice Category of this years’ competition.

Northumberland, Durham and Tees Valley Wildlife Trusts, together with the Natural

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New poll reveals city-dwellers love nature but don’t get enough of it

Posted on 1st June 2017

30 Days Wild challenge from The Wildlife Trusts helps people enjoy nature every day

A new poll of over 2,400 people living in major cities across the UK reveals that city-dwellers have a strong affinity for nature and think that it’s important to help care for it. But the poll also highlights a conflict: while city-dwellers feel that nature is important to them, they struggle to connect with it as much as they’d like and a high proportion of

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UK General Election 2017: why it matters for wildlife

Posted on 2nd May 2017

The snap UK General Election on June 8th is happening at a crucial time for wildlife.

The next Government will have some big decisions to make for the UK’s natural environment – almost immediately.

Never before have the stakes for wildlife been so great. The majority of our environmental laws are currently wrapped up with our membership of the European Union; and so are some really key policies that affect wildlife – including agriculture and fisheries. 

The rewards for making the right

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A new report by a parliamentary committee published today warns Government that environmental protections must not be weakened after Brexit. The Wildlife Trusts respond…

Posted on 4th January 2017

Today the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) publishes a report The Future of Natural Environment After EU Referendum. MPs are warning the Government that environmental protections must not be weakened during the process of leaving the EU or afterwards. The EAC is calling on the Government to introduce a new Environmental Protection Act during Article 50 negotiations to maintain the UK’s strong environmental standards.You can read more about it on the Parliament website here.

Stephanie Hilborne, Chief Executive, The Wildlife Trusts responds to

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UK’s major environmental organisations unite to highlight “once in a generation opportunity” for the environment as UK exits the EU

Posted on 9th December 2016

13 environmental organisations, with a combined membership of 7.9 million, have united to launch Greener UK
Greener UK calls on the Prime Minister to restore and enhance the UK’s environment and maintain its environmental protections during Brexit negotiations
145 MPs have signed the Greener UK Pledge for the Environment committing to make the UK a world leader on the environment
Polling shows 80% of British adults think we need the same or stronger levels of environmental protection after we leave the EU

Thirteen major

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