How the Trust is Managed

Trust Council

The Trust is led by its voluntary Council of Management and day-to-day management and activity is delivered by a staff team. Volunteers also make a valuable contribution to delivery through varied practical and administrative activities.

The Council of Management of the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust comprises up to 15 trustees appointed from the membership, who are also the directors of the company limited by guarantee. Trustees have ultimate responsibility for directing the affairs of the Trust, and ensuring that it is solvent, well-run, and delivering the charitable outcomes for the benefit of the public for which it has been set up.

Review and Development Group

The Review and Development Group is a sub-group of Council made up of trustees, representatives of partner organisations and Trust members. Its remit includes reviewing project performance and delivery; advising on organisational policy and procedure; contributing to the development of projects and programmes.

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If you are interested in joining Trust Council or the Review and Development Group please contact the Trust on 01287 636382 or [email protected]

Our Values

The Trust holds the following values which shape the organisation and its work:

  • The focus of all our efforts is the conservation of the natural environment in the Tees Valley
  • Wildlife and natural places make a vital contribution to the quality of people’s lives
  • It is important for us to be inclusive and accessible. As a charity we work for public benefit. We believe in equal opportunities
  • We value our independence and the ability this gives us to campaign strongly where necessary on the issues that matter
  • We will only achieve our mission by cooperating with others and by working in partnership with a wide range of other organisations and individuals
  • Our organisation consists of our membership, our volunteers and a professional staff team. It is managed by Trust Council; a voluntary board of trustees
  • Volunteers make a big contribution to many areas of our work
  • We try at all times to be open and honest with good governance and full legal and regulatory compliance
  • Our objectives and actions are based as much as possible on sound science
  • We are reliable, consistent and here for the long term
  • We achieve practical outcomes, on the ground with the local community. We can do strategy and policy too, but leading by example is important to us
  • We deliver our objectives through project funding as much as possible, because this means we can do much more than we could only