Newcastle Marine Student Placements

Posted on 22nd March 2016

Students from the  Newcastle University’s School of Marine Science and Technology choose to undertake a Career Development module including work-related placements for academic credit that counts towards their Final Honours Degree. Students work alongside regular staff at their placement, working to achieve the goals of the organisation hosting the placement and continually reflecting on and trying to improve placement task they are to complete.

Tees Valley Wildlife Trust have been a provider for the above placement for the past 2 years

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An update from Nicholas Watts on issues affecting wild birds and Vine House Farm

Posted on 17th March 2016


I am hearing, or seeing, signs of spring now everyday. I think it is so wonderful that it all happens like it does. Does your life alter now that spring is appearing? We notice it is happening but do we do anything different? The food we eat doesn’t change, the supermarkets have seen to that. We used to look forward to new potatoes and the first strawberries but no longer, everything is available every day of the year. Here on

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