Seeds of Change

A collection of wildflower seeds pictured on a table. Text reads 'Seeds of Change'

Seeds of Change is an article for Wild Tees Magazine. Ian Wilson (Wilder Middlesbrough Officer) tells us about his new role.

Tree planting has taken a front seat in recent years, with political parties and local authorities aiming to increase tree cover and fight climate change. Trees are great at storing carbon, but they also provide shade and reduce the likelihood of flooding by slowing the movement of surface water.

With our partners, Climate Action Middlesbrough, and the efforts of local communities, Tees Valley Wildlife Trust aims to grow 30,000 trees. We’ll be using local seeds and distributing them for free to schools, households and landowners across the borough.

Funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, our aim is to reduce the town’s carbon footprint through practical initiatives and outreach to put local communities at the forefront of climate action.

But it’s not just about trees! Many of the borough’s open spaces (such as amenity parkland and verges) are low-diversity grassland. These areas are cut regularly, which incurs high carbon costs and limits habitat opportunities for wildlife. Cutting less frequently is a simple solution that is good for wildlife. Long grass provides cover for mammals and amphibians, habitat for insects, opportunities for wildflowers. The project will also enhance selected areas with local wildflower seed to encourage pollinators.

We can all be seeds of change

Would you like to help? If you’d like to get involved, please contact Ian at: [email protected]

Climate Action Middlesbrough is also involved in recycling, food, home energy and transport initiatives. The newly formed People’s Climate Forum provides support to residents. For more information, please contact David Scriven at: [email protected]

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