30th April 2022, 10:00am2:00pm

In 75 years we have lost 97% of our wildflower meadows contributing to dramatic declines in hedgehogs, birds, bats and insects.

As part of our ongoing work alongside partner projects, such as the National Lottery funded Green Shoots project, we will be sowing native wildflower seeds in patches across the Berwick Hills meadow.

Our aim is to increase the cover of native wildflowers, increasing the biodiversity of the meadow and improving the site for people and nature.

Other tasks to be completed after we have sown the wildflower seeds include digging up brambles in the meadow and along the bankside of Ormesby beck so as to improve the site for water voles.

Location and Directions


Berwick Hills Allotments Local Nature Reserve, Berwick Hills Allotments Local Nature Reserve, Bradhope Road, Middlesbrough TS3 7BW

Meeting point: End of Burnsall Road at entrance to allotments TS3 7BE