11th October 2018, 11:00am3:00pm

Join Alan Simkins, local fungus expert, to discover the many types and forms of fungus to be found in the various ecosystems  around Lockwood Beck Reservoir.  The 2 km walk will encourage people to search for different fungi from tiny toadstools to gigantic bracket fungus. Alan will help identify the fungi from the over 15,000 species of fungi to be found in Britain.  Many have fascinating names: razorstrops;  jelly ears; earth stars; elf caps, and chicken-in-the-woods to name a few.  During the walk we will also look for other wildlife to be found.  

We would like to thank Northumbrian Water for their permission to access the Lockwod Beck Reservoir site for this event.

Please be aware of fast moving  traffic when entering and leaving the site and exercise extreme caution. 

Location and Directions


Lockwood Beck Reservoir, Lockwood Beck Reservoir , Off the A171 TS12 3LQ

Meeting point: Car park