Corporate Volunteering (Wild Work Days)

What is a Wild Work Day?

A Wild Work Day is a chance for your team to get outside and give back to nature. It will involve spending the day on one of our 15 nature reserves undertaking vital conservation work under the supervision and guidance of our reserves staff. The tasks will vary depending on the season and can be tailored to suite your needs.

It could involve:

  • spending the day in a woodland, thinning small trees to make room for plants and older trees
  • removing invasive species such as himalayan balsam or rhododendron
  • installing a new boardwalk to improve access for visitors
  • spending a day in a meadow cutting the grass to improve it for wildflowers and pollinators
  • planting trees to create a new wooded area
  • walking around a reserve and removing litter or fly tipping
  • Cutting back overhanging branches to ensure paths are safe to walk on
  • And many others

What better way to treat your staff than to a break from the office, spending a day in awe-inspiring woodland or a tranquil freshwater marsh, creating new connections with their co-workers and ending the day knowing they have helped their local environment.


£350 + Vat for up to 15 people (£50 per person thereafter)

As a local environmental charity, we need to ensure that the work we do is sustainable and cost-effective. We need to make a small fee charge to cover our staff time from planning to supervision of activities, provision of materials, tools, risk assessments and PPE. This ensures that the work that your staff do will be safe and of genuine benefit to local communities and the environment.

If you are interested please contact [email protected] or call us on 01287 636382