Getting wilder by the year

Posted on 1st June 2020

Discover how our 30 Days Wild challenge can breathe new life into your relationship with nature.

30 Days Wild is back for another year! The Wildlife Trusts’ annual
nature challenge; one random wild act a day, for a whole month, kicking off on
the 1st of June. The last five years of 30 Days Wild have really helped
demonstrate the benefits of getting closer to nature, for health, wellbeing and
for the natural world itself. It’s a challenge with something for everyone,
from those

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Deciphering the dawn chorus

Posted on 29th April 2020

Credit: Tom Hibbert

Wildlife expert Nick Acheson introduces some of our feathered superstars to listen out for this spring

When we look at wildlife, anthropomorphising is commonly
discouraged. ‘If you project human feelings onto animals,’ we’re told, ‘you
won’t observe what is really going on.’ But if, like me, you see personalities
in wild animals all around you, I have good news for you: when it comes to
learning birdsong, anthropomorphism is absolutely the way forward. For learning
birdsong is not a matter of factual

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How to work from home – and stay connected to nature

Posted on 31st March 2020

working from home, it can be really easy to stay in front of a screen all day
and never venture outdoors. We’ve got some easy ways to help you to connect
with nature, even in the middle of a busy day! Whether you’ve got five minutes
or an hour, there’s plenty of ways you can make your day a little bit more

Getting ready for your day

Set up your workstation so you’re close to a window – this way, you’ll have a front row

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Wildlife Trusts and Reintroductions

Posted on 23rd March 2020

Catherine McNicol reveals some of the work that Wildlife Trusts are doing to
bring species back from the brink.

Restoring ecosystems

Complex ecosystems are healthy ecosystems. As
we lose species from plant and animal communities, we lose important processes
and therefore resilience. These simplified ecosystems become less able to endure
extreme events, such as droughts and flooding, less resilient to disease
outbreaks and less tolerant to invasive species arrival.

Often, we work to reintroduce ‘keystone’
species, those which play an important role to a number of other organisms.

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Natural solutions to the climate crisis

Posted on 3rd February 2020

Parsons, The Wildlife Trusts’ public affairs officer, reveals the role natural
habitats play in tackling the climate crisis.

The climate
crisis now regularly makes the headlines, and rightly so. But there’s another
crisis – inextricably linked – lurking too often unnoticed in its shadow: the
massive, ongoing loss of nature. In the UK, 41% of species have declined since
1970 and one in seven are now threatened with extinction. The climate emergency
has terrible ramifications for wildlife, but the loss of wildlife and wild
places also makes the

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Dip into the world of dabbling ducks

Posted on 8th January 2020

Winter is a
wonderful time to see wildlife, particularly for fans of our feathered friends.
As the cold grip of the Arctic winter takes hold on the lakes, pools and
marshes of Northern Europe and Russia, huge numbers of swans, ducks and geese
retreat to the relative warmth of the UK. Our lakes, rivers, reservoirs and
coasts are a winter home for an estimated 2.1 million ducks!

Ducks can
be split into two broad groups: dabblers and divers. As the name suggests,
diving ducks feed mainly by diving

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12 Days of Wild Christmas!

Posted on 5th December 2019

Get closer
to nature this Christmas, with our winter wildlife challenge

Every June
we challenge you to try 30 Days Wild, doing one wild thing a day throughout the
month. We call these wild things “Random Acts of Wildness”, and they can be as
simple as watching a bird from your window, or as adventurous as exploring a
new wild place. At the end of June, we set the challenge to stay wild with your
Wildlife Trust for the rest of the year.

But keeping up with

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25 years of support

Posted on 11th November 2019

The Wildlife Trusts National Partnerships Manager Ellen Kinsley looks at some of the highlights from 25 years of support from The National Lottery.

November, The National Lottery celebrates its 25th birthday! To mark
this special anniversary, we’re reflecting on some of the amazing things that
have been achieved for wildlife, wild places and people across the UK, thanks
to the support of The National Lottery.

Since the
first draw in 1994, The National Lottery has raised over £40 billion for good
causes, including more than 840

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Wild and well

Posted on 15th October 2019

Volunteering for The Wildlife Trusts isn’t just great for wildlife, it’s good for you too, as nature and wellbeing manager, Dom Higgins explains.

Volunteers are incredible people. Where would The Wildlife Trusts be without them? They help us to manage our nature reserves, run events, raise vital funds for conservation work and inspire countless people to take action for nature. By giving up their time they have chosen to help local wildlife and wild places to recover and thrive.

Good for nature,

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A network of marine protection needed to save our seas!

Posted on 17th July 2019

Amazing marine wildlife experiences are sought after the world over. Be it swimming with great white sharks in South Africa or snorkelling with jellyfish in the Lakes of Palau, people flock to marvel at all the weird and wonderful creatures living in our seas. But these experiences are not just limited to distant, exotic countries with an endless supply of sunshine. From stunning blue-rayed limpets and velvet swimming crabs found on our shores, to the world’s second biggest fish, the

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