Lana’s Week

Posted on 31st March 2017

I am a second year Marine Biology student at Newcastle University and for my research and employability skills module I was required to undertake a week long placement. Many placements were offered all over the country and I chose to complete mine with the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust where I worked with Steve Ashton the people and wildlife manager.

My project for the week was to create a guide to the wading and coastal birds of Redcar. I had never visited

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Batty Internship

Posted on 10th March 2017

Starting my internship at the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust is probably one of the scariest things I have ever done (even surpassing the move to university, abseiling into a seemingly bottomless pit and jumping out of a plane). New places, people and the unknown unsettles me and this adventure involved moving to a place I’d never even visited before, to help with something I knew relatively little about with people who I’d never met. But I’ve got to say it

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Week 2

Posted on 23rd January 2017

To begin my second week as a project assistant intern, my first site visit was to Railway Wood in Roseworth. Within my first blog, I noted that there had been some vandalism that had occurred in the area. However, the Trust were easily able to correct this and the atmosphere throughout the morning was incredibly positive. The Trust are persistent with their work despite any minor setbacks. Their consistent efforts and refusal to give up is one of the many

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Portrack Marsh Murmuration

Posted on 18th January 2017

I had been to a River Tees Rediscovered meeting at the Tees Barrage and it finished around 4ish and though I would wander over to Portrack Marsh to see if I could see the starling murmuration. At first I could see small groups of starlings flying in various directions and then I saw a very large group that all these smaller groups were joining. Initially the large group ranged across the skyline but eventually concentrated over the reserve swirling, splitting

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Amy’s First Week

Posted on 13th January 2017

My name is Amy Fodor and I have been lucky enough to secure a three month internship at Tees Valley Wildlife Trust. I am from Redcar and recently graduated from Teesside University with a degree in English Studies. It was the University who presented the opportunity around late November 2016. My initial attraction to wanting to work with Tees Valley Wildlife was to gain an insight into the workings of the Trust and how they were able to find funding,

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From Percy the Park Keeper to Slow Worms – Jess’s Blog

Posted on 22nd July 2016

During the summer term, Teesside University and the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust work together to offer students a six-week summer internship and valuable experience in their field of study. This year, I was lucky enough to gain one of these internships, working alongside TVWT’s Education Officer, Jacky. As a Biological Sciences student, this placement was a good opportunity for me to decide what I would like to do with my degree after graduation: go into teaching or further my studies

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Botanical Field Sketching with Martin Allen June 5th – Woodland Diaries

Posted on 5th July 2016

I was just about to start our first sketching workshop when suddenly, through the open doors of the Wildlife Trust HQ at Margrove, there was the sound of a bird making a noise like a fire alarm. This distracted me into telling a long and rambling anecdote about how I had managed to fix my mum’s smoke detectors only the previous day and my mum had been so proud of me as I had never ever shown any competence in

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Batty about volunteering ….

Posted on 4th April 2016

As a child I was terrified to be outside at dusk when the bats near our house used to swoop and seemingly dive towards me…particularly as my mother had informed me that bats always got tangled in long loose hair. Suffice to say, plaits became my hairstyle of choice!

So fast forward about 60 years and share my amazement that as a retiree and recovering from a stroke, I should find myself waxing lyrical about being part of the National Bat

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A batty time with the Wildlife Trust

Posted on 1st April 2016

As part of my degree, I was required to undertake a week long placement (Newcastle University Research and Employability Skills Module) which I chose to carry out with Tees Valley Wildlife Trust. Being a huge fan of nature and wildlife, I was delighted to be part of the important work that the Trust is involved with.

Although I am a student of Marine Science, I chose to work with Sarah on her bat project as bats echolocate in the same way

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Newcastle Marine Student Placements

Posted on 22nd March 2016

Students from the  Newcastle University’s School of Marine Science and Technology choose to undertake a Career Development module including work-related placements for academic credit that counts towards their Final Honours Degree. Students work alongside regular staff at their placement, working to achieve the goals of the organisation hosting the placement and continually reflecting on and trying to improve placement task they are to complete.

Tees Valley Wildlife Trust have been a provider for the above placement for the past 2 years

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