Barn Owl Nest Box Network

Photo by Peter Gill

Sponsor a barn owl nest box in 2024

Help our owl conservation project in 2024 by sponsoring a barn owl box in East Cleveland or the Tees Valley for just £10.00.  These boxes give owls a place to breed, replacing nest sites lost through rural development. 

Each sponsor will be told the general location of a box and receive email updates on box activity when volunteers start monitoring the boxes in late April or early May. The results are unpredictable. There is a chance some other species might take the box, the box might not be used, birds abandon the nest or chicks might not survive. Fingers crossed you will get a barn owl.

The sponsorship will help cover the costs of: travel for our licensed box monitor volunteers; owl rings and; replacement of old or damaged boxes.

To sponsor a barn owl box in 2024 use the donate button below and pay by PayPal or credit card.

Important: You must include Barn Owl Donation in the “Add special instructions to the seller” so we can link your payment to the barn owl project.

We are making sure that barn owls are around for future generations by working in collaboration with landowners and experienced owl workers to create a regional network of specially designed owl nest boxes to help boost barn owl breeding success.

Barn owl numbers have suffered through the loss of traditional nesting sites in old farm buildings and large hedgerow trees. However, they will take readily to specially designed and expertly sited wooden nest boxes enabling us to use this simple conservation tool to increase the breeding habitat of the barn owl.

In 2019 we started a project to create a network of landowners and nest boxes across East Cleveland and the wider Tees Valley to make a difference to barn owls on a regional scale.  Over two hundred boxes have been erected so far.

Every year our licensed barn owl volunteers monitor the boxes for breeding activity, breeding success and to ring any owlets as part of wider population studies.  New boxes are erected and dilapidated boxes replaced

To pay using other methods please email [email protected]

If you are a landowner interested in hosting a barn owl box please get in touch via [email protected]