Be active outdoors

Being active outdoors is a great way to keep both body and mind fit and healthy. You don’t need to run a marathon or hike up a mountain to feel the benefits!

Exercising outdoors has been shown to have a greater impact on our mental and physical wellbeing than exercising indoors….. and its free!

 Going for a stroll in the park, taking a ramble around a nature reserve, gardening or conservation volunteering, are all great ways to keep your body active and let your mind unwind.

Ideas for activities

 If you have one hour, you could………….

  • Join a friend for a sociable jog around your local green space
  • Walk to work or school, finding a route away from busy roads
  • Play in the park after school with the kids
  • See if your local park has outdoor yoga or ti-chi classes

 If you have half a day, you could……..

  • Join a health walking group
  • Take a bracing cliff walk along the Cleveland Way
  • Visit a Tees Valley Wildlife Trust nature reserve
  • Discover your locality by cycling
  • Fly a kite on the beach with your family

If you have more time……….

  • Create a vegetable and herb garden and grow your own food
  • Become a volunteer for a community garden, park or nature reserve
  • Join a local walking group and enjoy a different walk every week