Connect with Nature

Finding simple everyday ways to connect more deeply with the nature around us can really help us to feel more grounded and a part of something bigger.

Connecting with nature means putting aside some time to fully experience nature with all your senses.It can be as simple as pausing on your way to work to listen to birdsong, smell a flower, feel a warm breeze on your face or hear it in the trees. These simple daily experiences that can enrich our lives and help us to realise our part in caring for wildlife.

Sharing nature with family and friends is a great way to nurture these relationships by making the time to do something together.

Ideas for activities

If you have ten minutes, you could………….

  • Have your coffee break outside without your phone, be in the moment feeling the sun or wind on your face
  • Stand in your garden, close your eyes – listen to the sounds of what’s going on outside. This is especially good at dawn and dusk
  • Take a photograph of something in nature each day and share on social media with likeminded people

 If you have an hour, you could ………

  • Spend time with a housebound friend or relative watching and talking about birds that visit their bird table
  • Go beachcombing. Visit the seaside and search the shoreline for pebbles and shells that appeal to you
  • Connect with nature through foraging. Keep it safe with nettle soup, elder flower cordial, blackberry smoothies

 If you have more time, you could……

  • Build a mud and sand pit in your garden for young children
  • Get up early and experience nature at watch the sunrise and listen to the dawn chorus