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If you would like to know more about the alum industry then there are lots of publications available in your local library.

Some suggestions for further reading and more information:

  • Steeped in History: the Alum Industry of North-East Yorkshire, Ed. I. Miller (2002), North York Moors National Park
  • The Floating Egg, Roger Osbourne (1998) Jonathan Cape, London
  • The Alum Farm, R.B. Turton (1938), Horne & Son Ltd, Whitby
  • The Alum Works and other industries at Kettleness, North Yorkshire: an archaeological and historical survey. Survey Report A1/24/2003. M. Jecock, C. Dunn, A. Carter and M. Claves (2003). English Heritage
  • Ayton Banks Alum Works, North Yorkshire. Survey Report A1/26/2004. T. Pearson and A. Hunt (2004) English Heritage
  • Loftus Alum Works, Redcar and Cleveland, Cleveland: an archaeological and historical survey. Survey Report A1/02/2004. A. Hunt, T. Pearson, P. Sink, A. Carter, D. Andrews, N. Beckett, S. Tovey, and M. Clowes (2004) English Heritage
  • Along the Esk, D. Goldring, (2006) P. Tuffs
  • Along the Scar, D. Goldring, (2001) P. Tuffs
  • Alum: north east Yorkshire’s fascinating story of the first chemical industry, A Morrison (1981) Pub. A. Morrison
  • The Loftus Alum Makers, P. Appleton (2011)

The Cleveland Industrial Archaeology Society have produced many papers on various aspects of the alum industry.

  • CIA Number 2 (1975) SYMPOSIUM ON THE ALUM INDUSTRY A5 reprint 40 pages £3
    • A brief history of the alum industry in North Yorkshire 1600-1875. R L Pickles
    • Technical aspects of alum-making. J K Almond
    • The alum workers. B J D Harrison
    • Excavation at the Boulby Alum Works. S K Chapman
    • Discussion at meeting held on 24 March 1974
  • CIA Number 12 (1980) A5 reprint of paper 9 pages £1. 50
    • The early years of alum making in Guisborough. Mrs Anne Harrison
  • CIA Number 24 (1997) Includes paper on:- £6
    • The North-Yorkshire alum industry: a technical analysis of the processes used. A E Rout
  • CIA Number 25 (1998) Includes paper on:- £6
    • The identification, commercial evaluation and initial exploitation of alum shale deposits in the British Isles. A E Rout
  • CIA Number 26 (2000) Includes papers on:- £6
    • Evidence of the alum industry on the foreshore at Ravenscar. D Green
    • Sir Joseph Bank’s account of alum making at Kettleness, North Yorkshire. C E Thornton
  • CIA Number 30 (2005) Includes papers on:- £6
    • Sir George Colebrook’s Attempted Alum Monopoly and the Great Ayton Alum Works. Ian Pearce
    • Ayton Banks Alum Works. Robert H de Wardt & David Taylor
    • Boulby Alum Works Tunnel Revisited. Charles H Morris & Simon Whitlock
  • RESEARCH REPORT No 9 (2009) 76 pages £10
    • Boulby Alum. The Works Diary of George Dodds 1772 – 1788. Kevin Quinn

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