Peak Alum Works

These works were started by Sir Bryan Cooke of Wheatley, near Doncaster, in 1615. The works changed hands many times during its lifetime. It finally closed in 1862 when the works were bought by William Hammond. At this point alum was selling for £8 per tonne and making a loss, so the works were shut.

Did you know: In 1785 the works experimented with using cattle urine (instead of human urine) to avoid having to use sea traffic. The collection of the urine was too complicated and the experiment failed.

Today the alum quarry is managed by the National Trust. The remains of the alum house (photo above) are the most complete of any in the area and provide much of the information we know about what went on in the alum house. You can find out more about this works by visiting the National Trust visitor centre at Ravenscar.

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