Slapewath Works

This site is also known as Springbank Works.

These were the first works in Cleveland, started by John Atherton and his wife Katherine (whose family owned the Skelton Estate), in 1603 and managed by Richard Leycolt. The works were not very successful in the first year and were taken over by John Bourchier in 1604.

Slapwath Alum Works, the first works in Cleveland.

The works had several periods of operation, 1603-1653, 1662-1698 and 1765-1805. Like all of the in-land works the cost of transport of coal and urine from the sea to the works made the price of alum too high to compete effectively with the large coastal works.

Today the Cleveland Way cuts through this quarry and then steps around the outside take you above the quarry to give fantastic views of both Slapewath and Newgate Bank Alum Works.

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