The Guisborough Works

This includes Belman Bank old and new quarries and the Newgate Bank Works.
These are the works run by the Chaloner Family, owners of the Guisborough Estate. The earliest work started soon after Slapewath in 1605 and worked for about 15 years. The works were then revivied again in about 1775 until 1805 and again in 1852 until their final closure in 1870.

This photo is of the alum shale tips from the Belman Bank alum works.

In-land works couldn’t compete with the coastal ones for transport costs, which made up a large part of the costs of the company. Transport over land was much more expensive than over the sea, and the nearest landing port to these works was Coatham.

This photo shows the quarries of Slapewath (foreground) and Newgate Bank (background). The whole area is now heavily wooded but would once have been a busy industrial area.

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