Funding Your School Garden


  • There are traditional fund raising methods such as selling items at school fairs or sponsored walks, they are very useful for spreading the word about what you are doing in your school and generating enthusiasm for what you are doing.
  •  If you contact local companies, they may be able to sponsor you or help you by giving you a discount on their services or products- remember that if you don’t ask, you will never know!
  • Use the local media to publicise your school garden and hopefully get some sponsorships.
  •  Remember that parents can be a great help- you could ask them to buy an extra packet of seeds when they buy their own, or if a parent is good at DIY, ask them to help you do some of the more practical tasks.
  •  It is worth looking into how you could get free equipment, seeds or plants.


This website allows you to recycle old mobile phones and printer ink cartridges in return for seeds, plants and gardening equipment- why not get parents and colleagues to start collecting them for your school.


The tree council offer grants up to £700 to schools that are running tree planting projects.


Here the Woodland Trust offers packs of free trees for schools, each school is entitled to 2 free packs per year!


Awards for All are lottery funded grants for between £300 and £10,000 for projects that will improve communities.


Big Lottery Fund funds lots of different projects using the money from the national lottery, Big lottery fund give away millions of pounds each year.