Get ready to go wild!

30 Days Wild is the UK’s biggest, month-long nature challenge organised by The Wildlife Trusts, and it’s back for its fifth year. A celebration of everyday nature, an excuse to wallow in the wonderful wildness we encounter at home, at work, at leisure and everywhere in between.

The challenge is simple – can you do one easy and exciting wild thing a day, every day in June? 30 days, 30 wild things. 30 Days Wild!

We call these wild moments Random Acts of Wildness: you could eat your lunch outside and watch the butterflies flutter by; or stop, close your eyes, and listen to the birds singing, see how many you can identify; or if it’s a rainy day, you could challenge yourself to learn something new about nature. Whether you can spare a few seconds or devote a whole day, all that matters is you make time for nature.

We’ve worked with the University of Derby over the past four years and have proved that taking part in 30 Days Wild and spending time in nature can make you healthier and happier, and this effect can last for months after, too. Building a stronger bond with nature also makes us even more determined to protect it; to paraphrase Sir David Attenborough: ‘we only look after the things we care about’.

Every Random Act of Wildness brings people closer to nature, and over the last four years of 30 Days Wild more than 10 million have been done! That’s 10 million times people have made space in their day to enjoy nature, to watch a bee bumble from flower to flower or a buzzard trace lazy circles in the sky.

You can sign up for 30 Days Wild on our website and get a pack to help plan your wild June. You’ll receive a wallchart to write down your wild ideas and a poster to inspire you; a booklet full of Random Acts of Wildness; a sticker sheet; and a packet of wildflower seeds to brighten up your garden or window box!

Are you up for the challenge?

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