Ring Ouzel – a view from the North York Moors

illustration of a ring ouzel on the cover of a book

In this new book, Vic Fairbrother and Ken Hutchinson draw together their studies and experiences of the elusive ring ouzel. Because of their work, readers can gain insight into a species few get to see.

“The song of the ring ouzel, carrying a surprising distance across the high moorland, is one of the delights of upland Britain”. Vic Fairbrother.

Wonderful paintings and sketches by wildlife artist Jonathan Pomroy, transport the reader to the beautiful North York Moors National Park. Follow Vic and Ken as they welcome with excitement, the return of ring ouzels from winter territories in North Africa. You can read, for instance, about their courtship displays, how they establish territories and how the female painstakingly constructs her nest. Continue through their hatching and fledging to discover what makes ring ouzels on the North York Moors such a vulnerable population. The ring ouzel occupies red-list conservation concern, and yet the North York Moors supports 1.5% of the national population.

What readers are saying

“I have hardly been able to put this book down. It is a great showcase for Ken and Vic’s dedicated fieldwork, the species, and the area. It’s a real benchmark publication and a key reference for anyone interested in ring ouzels. The watercolours are a masterstroke. I cannot recommend the book highly enough!” Cris Rollie, Chair of the UK Ring Ouzel Study Group.

This study builds on earlier research, relating local findings to the results of other current studies in England, Wales, and Scotland. Launched in September 2020, by Whittles Publishing), you can find it in most good booksellers.

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