Wild Tees Magazine – Summer Issue Out Now!

A hare nibbling on green leaves in a field. Text says Wild Tees Magazine - Out Now!

Members receive a free copy of Wild Tees Magazine three times a year. You can read all the best news stories from Teesside and nationally. Luckily, membership is available for as little as £1.25 (giving more can help us do more). See our efforts to protect wildlife for the future and learn how to create a vibrant natural world! To become a member, click the Join button at the top of this page (or contact us below). We look forward to welcoming you to Tees Valley Wildlife Trust.

This Summer Issue of Wild Tees Magazine is full of more great content. For instance, you can read about our Brotton Bird Buddies project, Farming with Nature from our National magazine ‘Natural World’, our most recent Nature Conference, and much more.

“No one in the Tees Valley is more than 5 miles away from a nature reserve. They have been a huge benefit to many people’s physical and mental wellbeing at this difficult time. Never have our sites received so much attention or been so well valued. Thank you to our members for supporting our work through these difficult times.” Jeremy Garside, CEO Tees Valley Wildlife Trust.

What You Can Expect from Wild Tees Magazine

Wild Tees Magazine releases three issues per year and is available free as part of your membership package. It has 24 pages of exciting content: local and national news, projects, events, as well as puzzles and competitions. Articles come from individuals and groups all over Teesside, not just our staff, trainees and volunteers. We want to showcase the best stories from the whole of the Tees Valley conservation community. YOUR area is OUR area of expertise.

The featured image (Brown Hare by Andrew Parkinson/2020VISION) is the cover story of our Summer Issue. On page 10 of Wild Tees Magazine, you can read about the huge impact sustainable farming can have on biodiversity and the natural world.