Roseworth Wildlife Garden Champions

Group photo of Roseworth Locals at a community event.

Roseworth estate in Stockton has become a haven for wildlife as residents sign up to become ‘Wildlife Garden Champions‘. The Tees Valley Wildlife Trust has joined up with the Roseworth Big Local to engage residents in activities that will help them bring wildlife into their gardens, in turn bringing them closer to nature.

Over the coming year, each month, households who have registered with the project will receive a themed wildlife garden kit. It contains everything they need to carry out a mini wildlife garden project.

Coming together through Wildlife Garden Champions

The community is coming together through a series of practical garden projects that encourage neighbours to join up. This creates even larger areas for wildlife, and new friendships along the way.

In the spring, the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust will be offering personal garden wildlife surveys for joining champions.

If you’re a Roseworth resident and would like to get involved, please visit the Roseworth Big Local website.