Great Big Nature Survey

Results will help shape action to protect and restore our natural world

The Wildlife Trusts has launched their biggest ever public survey about wildlife found across the British Isles. The charity wants to learn more about what people think about our nature and how we, as a society, should protect it.

Ambitions also include finding out what people already do to help where they live and learning about how connected people feel with the natural world.

The UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world – currently:

  • 53% of native plants have declined due to farming and climate change
  • 41% of all wildlife has declined in abundance since 1970
  • 26% of mammals, including hedgehogs and water voles, are at risk of extinction

The survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and is open to everyone with all viewpoints equally welcome, valued and respected.

The survey raises thought-provoking questions, for example:

  • Why does nature matter to you, if it does at all?
  • Who do you think should be tasked with looking after nature?
  • What have you done recently to spend time in nature or to protect it?

Steve Ashton, People and Wildlife Manager, Tees Valley Wildlife Trust says:

“We are a country of nature lovers and fortunate to have a wealth of natural wonders right across the British Isles. Sadly, we carry the label of living in one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world where one in seven species are at risk of extinction. To change that, we need everyone to play their part. From creating wilder gardens to campaigning for change, there are many ways people can get involved in nature’s recovery – it’s all about making a start.

“This research will provide valuable insights into what people think and feel about nature in Tees Valley. It will also help us to inspire more individuals and communities to join the cause in putting nature into recovery. The more we know about contemporary attitudes to nature, the more we can empower people to help protect it.”

The Great British Nature Survey begins on 15th March and is open to people living across the British Isles. To take part, visit