Young people from around the UK want to see urgent action to tackle the climate and nature emergencies.

Hundreds of people aged under 30 contributed to a Youth Manifesto for Action on Climate Change, coordinated by the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s volunteer Young Leaders and published today (Friday 5 November) to send a message to decision-makers during the COP26 summit in Glasgow.

The manifesto highlights the changes that young people from around the UK-wide Wildlife Trusts movement want to see from governments, businesses and individuals to cut emissions and limit climate change to the targets set by the Paris Agreement in 2015.

It also demonstrates the nature-based solutions to the climate crisis that young people believe should be prioritised. These include protecting peatlands, having tree-lined streets to cool urban areas and wildflower meadows on roadside verges and in parks.

87% of young people1  agreed that governments are not taking enough action on climate change. They would like to see an immediate reduction in the use of fossil fuels, improved public transport and a step change in agricultural subsidies that encourages more sustainable production.

88% of young people​​​​​1 believe businesses should do more. They would like to see significant reductions in waste, greater transparency around environmental impacts, and more responsible procurement of products.

70% of young people1 believe individuals can do more to reduce emissions. They would like to see a shift towards buying fewer, higher quality products, making greater use of public transport, and reducing meat consumption and food waste.