General Election 2019: The results are in – so what does it mean for nature?

Posted on 13th December 2019

Concern for the environment is at a record high. Over a quarter of Britons now cite it as one of the top three issues facing the country. The amazing uprising of young people this year sparked a real awakening which political parties responded to at this election. Across the board, the manifestos contained more prominent, detailed and ambitious green commitments than ever before.

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12 Days of Wild Christmas!

Posted on 5th December 2019

Get closer
to nature this Christmas, with our winter wildlife challenge

Every June
we challenge you to try 30 Days Wild, doing one wild thing a day throughout the
month. We call these wild things “Random Acts of Wildness”, and they can be as
simple as watching a bird from your window, or as adventurous as exploring a
new wild place. At the end of June, we set the challenge to stay wild with your
Wildlife Trust for the rest of the year.

But keeping up with

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East Cleveland Wildlife Gets New Funding Support for Wildlife@theEdges

Posted on 26th November 2019

The Tees Valley Wildlife Trust has been awarded funding
support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund and Northumbrian Water’s Branch
Out Fund to engage people communities in learning about the importance of edge
habitats for wildlife.

Aerial views of the countryside show a mosaic of fields surrounded
by thin bordering edges: hedgerows, walls, field margins and road verges. These
edges are often the most important wildlife refuges and corridors in the
countryside and sustain plants, invertebrates, small mammals and birds.  This project will explore how ecologically

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Action for Insects

Posted on 18th November 2019

Take Action for Insects and help tackle this crisis

Insects may be small but they make up the bulk of known species on
earth. They are critical to the functioning of terrestrial and
freshwater ecosystems, performing vital roles such as pollination, seed
dispersal and nutrient cycling.

Insects are dying out up to 8 times faster than larger animals such
as birds, bats, fish, amphibians and lizards and 41% of insect species
face extinction according to a report by Professor Dave
Goulson commissioned for

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25 years of support

Posted on 11th November 2019

The Wildlife Trusts National Partnerships Manager Ellen Kinsley looks at some of the highlights from 25 years of support from The National Lottery.

November, The National Lottery celebrates its 25th birthday! To mark
this special anniversary, we’re reflecting on some of the amazing things that
have been achieved for wildlife, wild places and people across the UK, thanks
to the support of The National Lottery.

Since the
first draw in 1994, The National Lottery has raised over £40 billion for good
causes, including more than 840

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The general election: a chance to push for action

Posted on 4th November 2019

Thousands of people have been calling on Government to stand up for nature. This election is a chance to up the volume – and tell candidates that they must back an ambitious Environment Act.

It’s no big secret that we all depend on nature. It’s also no secret that nature is in deep trouble, in the UK as much as anywhere else. More than half of our species are in decline and the UK is now one of the most nature-depleted

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The Environment Bill – The Wildlife Trusts say nature cannot wait – cross party support needed

Posted on 16th October 2019

Today’s long-awaited publication of the Environment Bill is welcome but The Wildlife Trusts are concerned that the Bill must not be delayed further if we are to tackle the serious environmental challenges we face. Cross-party support is needed to trigger nature’s recovery.

The recent State of Nature Report revealed that one in seven species in the UK are at risk of extinction and 58% of species are in decline. The Wildlife Trusts have long-called for ambitious new laws to allow nature

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Wild and well

Posted on 15th October 2019

Volunteering for The Wildlife Trusts isn’t just great for wildlife, it’s good for you too, as nature and wellbeing manager, Dom Higgins explains.

Volunteers are incredible people. Where would The Wildlife Trusts be without them? They help us to manage our nature reserves, run events, raise vital funds for conservation work and inspire countless people to take action for nature. By giving up their time they have chosen to help local wildlife and wild places to recover and thrive.

Good for nature,

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New film from Sir David Attenborough and The Wildlife Trusts calls for nature’s recovery

Posted on 7th October 2019

Sir David Attenborough, president emeritus of The Wildlife Trusts has made a short film with the charity to provide answers to the State of Nature partnership’s latest warnings of continued, devastating wildlife declines in the UK.

In the film, which The Wildlife Trusts created in partnership with Campaign Film, Sir David calls for powerful new laws to ensure the UK’s wild places can thrive once more and for a Nature Recovery Network.


Sir David Attenborough says in the film:

“A wildlife-rich natural

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No let-up in net loss of UK’s nature

Posted on 4th October 2019



The UK’s wildlife continues to decline according to the State of Nature 2019 report. The latest findings show that since rigorous scientific monitoring began in the 1970s there has been a 13% decline in average abundance across wildlife studied and that the declines continue unabated.

Following the State of Nature reports in 2013 and 2016, leading professionals from more than 70 wildlife organisations have joined with government agencies for the first time, to present the clearest picture to date of the

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